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Heat Tennis Academy would like to announce the formation of Lucas Bosch Passion Scholarship. This scholarship has been created in memory of Lucas Bosch from Farmington Hills.  Lucas was an avid tennis and soccer player.  His love for playing sports and learning was evident in his focus, wholeheartedness, bravery, and discipline during his practice as well as in his games.  He began playing soccer at the age of three and tennis at the age of eight for fun.  He started taking private tennis lessons in 2012 and gradually developed techniques with the help of his coaches.  Lucas played in local tournaments before qualifying for the Midwest and national level tournaments.  His passion for the sport was always what powered his games. His athleticism, wit, courage, agility, and integrity earned him high praise from his opponents, coaches as well as spectators. He always gave his best effort in each match regardless of the score.


“Lucas was truly an outstanding individual on and off the court,” one of his opponents lamented. “His manners and skills amazed me as an opponent.”  His demeanor was always classy.  During one of the Midwest tournaments in Wisconsin, his opponent broke the strings on his last racquet and had the choice of forfeiting the match or borrowing a racquet from Lucas to continue competing.  Lucas not only offered the two racquets he had but also the knowledge of the difference between the two different set of strings.  Lucas was a genuine sweet boy with a heart of gold. He treated everyone with kindness, respect, compassion and humility.

He played #2 singles in his freshman and sophomore years for Cranbrook. He played #1 singles in his junior year.  He helped his team to win the State Championship in all of his high school years and secured his individual championships as #2 and #1 singles player in his sophomore and junior year.  He was nominated for Mr. Tennis in Michigan by the sports journalists in his junior year.

Lucas was not only an excellent tennis player, but he was a great team player.  When it was time to clean up, Lucas didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.  As the President of Cranbrook’s Robotics Club, he was very creative in coming up with new ideas and solutions.  His enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity drove him to try new designs, building and validating prototypes, and tirelessly improving each iteration, always going above and beyond in supporting all of his club and team mates and helping others selflessly.  He put the needs of others before his own needs or homework. He volunteered at the local YMCA, senior living center and city of Detroit in his spare time to help those in need.

Lucas set a stellar example of being the best one could be no matter how challenging things could get.  Whether it was writing an essay, learning a musical instrument, playing sports, designing a robot or repairing a car.  To him, it was about trying his best.  He was an extraordinary young man doing ordinary things.  He had touched the lives of many and inspired those around him.  The world is a better and brighter place because of Lucas.  We all learned much from his wholeheartedness, empathy, respect, love, humility, and humor.

In establishing this scholarship, Lucas’ family wishes to recognize and celebrate the dedication, hard work, courage, resilience and humor of Lucas as an athlete, scholar, friend, family and community member.  We love and cherish what Lucas has done for the sport and for the community and what he meant to all of us who love and admire him.  His legacy lives on and his shining light remains forever.





  1. Essay of 250 to 550 words on following topic (choose 1 to write)

    1. What do you like about playing tennis?  Why did you choose to play?

    2. What is your favorite part of the practice?

    3. What is your favorite match or tournament?

    4. What would you like to improve on your game or practice?

  2. The scholarship is meant to award a candidate whose work ethic, character, sportsmanship and integrity most resembles Lucas or a good role model for the sport and fellow players.

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